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I wear Beatrice's hat now. Beatrice's hat is cool.
Sherlock book
 This one's my favorite

But the whole link is worth checking out:


International Women's Day
Sherlock book
 I've never been much of a Daniel Craig fan, but I'm liking him more and more after seeing this . . . 

Poetry meme--from azalaisdep
Sherlock book
 When you see this, post a poem in your Journal . . . . 

A not-so-well-known poem: "Secrecy Protested" by Thomas Carew

FEAR not, dear love, that I'll reveal 
Those hours of pleasure we two steal ; 
No eye shall see, nor yet the sun 
Descry, what thou and I have done.
No ear shall hear our love, but we 
Silent as the night will be ;
The god of love himself (whose dart 
Did first wound mine and then thy heart), 
Shall never know that we can tell 
What sweets in stol'n embraces dwell. 
This only means may find it out ; 
If, when I die, physicians doubt 
What caused my death, and there to view 
Of all their judgements which was true, 
Rip up my heart, oh ! then, I fear, 
The world will see thy picture there.

DW humor: courtesy of my preschooler
rose, laughing
Knock, knock

Who's there?


Doctor who?


*grins* I haven't let him start on DW yet (I'm afraid it will be too scary) but we've been slowly making our way through the Sarah Jane Adventures and he's very excited by the idea of getting to watch stories about the Doctor.

Any advice on how old kids should be (or young they can be) before starting in on DW proper? I know it will vary a lot from kid to kid (the preschooler's older brother can't quite stomach sitting through Sarah Jane and is very puzzled that his little brother can)--but I'm wondering when other people have started their kids.

a few of my favorite things
Sherlock book
An Ode: To Snow and Bread and Ten and such
A photo of fresh-baked bread and more, under the cut....Collapse )

Watching TEOT with a fan who didn't see the regeneration coming
Sherlock book
The flurry of postings seems to have quieted, just as I have returned home from end-of-the-break travels to see family.  I watched the episode right away and tried to keep up with other people's posts, but have had no time until now to sit and write about it myself.  But still, even at this relatively late date, I find myself wanting to process both this final episode and the experience of watching it.
Spoiler-y ramblings under the cutCollapse )

Hamlet (some early thoughts)
Sherlock book
Well, I say early, but it's been a few days, hasn't it?  Early for me, the slowly delurking lurker, then.

Is it possible for Hamlet to have spoilers at this point? Well, to be safe, I'm putting it under the cut.Collapse )

Hamlet (getting very, very excited)
Sherlock book
It's an embarrassment of riches, isn't it? Or, a kind of torture. So much DT coming up in the next week, and so little time to watch. Because I've got three little boys, my tv watching time will be a bit limited, so I've been trying to decide which to watch first: the Christmas special or Hamlet.
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the puzzle that is friending on lj
Sherlock book

I'm not sure I've quite gotten my head around friending here on livejournal. I know it's not like fb: I can friend someone without them necessarily friending me back. And I think what happens if I friend someone is this: I can get a feed of their public comments on my friends page and they can see all my comments (public and friends). But for me to see "friends" comments (not just public comments), other people need to friend me back, yes?

All that, I get. But what I can't quite figure out is the etiquette of all this. Is it rude to friend someone just because I want to get a stream of their updates on my friends page? (Won't they get a stream from me? Or can they filter that out if they want?) And, more importantly, can a person like me--a lurker by nature--just up and ask someone to friend them? Is it an awkward turtle moment if they want to say no? Or do you friend someone and just hope that they'll friend you in return without asking point blank?

Ohhh, the mysteries of the fandom. :)

The good news is that everyone seems very nice. I'm sure if I put my foot in it, someone will patiently explain it all to me so I can get it right the next time.

Any visitors? I'd love it if you use the comments to let a newbie know what to do--and what not to do.

holiday fun / holiday stress
Sherlock book
I always swear I won't get stressed out by the holidays . . . and then I always do. It's a combination of things, really. The semester coming to an end, planning gifts and activities for kids, trying to tidy up the house for guests, and just generally wanting to accomplish more than I can. Tonight I'm up trying to finish (or at least make considerable progress) on a handmade gift for a family member. A scarf. And maybe, if I'm ambitious and productive, a hat to go with it.

So this is a a sort of public ("public"--though I can't imagine anyone actually visits this page; I'm so new to everything on lj) declaration, a reminder to myself that I will not get so stressed out. I will take deep breaths and the occasional nap and I will do what I can do and let go of what I can't AND I WILL ENJOY this holiday season.

So it was written, so shall it be done. I hope. :)

BC's looking pretty loose. Maybe I'll take him as my model . . .